J-Metrics has been committed to developing applications, such as data storage, fingerprint identification, various microcontrollers, sensors, related software and hardware, modules, and a series of derivatives, based on market demand, perspectiveness and the principles of miniaturization, energy conservation, fine and keen functions and convenience of use. It has been improving its software and hardware applications and production technology and has multiple invention patents and innovation patents of many countries.

 Improving the Quality of Life

J-Metrics equips many personal products and even household items with smarter operating modes and higher security level. On this basis, it keeps introducing fingerprint identification products to our daily life, hoping to make a convenient key out of everyone’s unique fingerprint and develop the products exclusive to ourselves.

 Perfecting Integration solution

J-Metrics provides various fingerprint sensors so that they can be applied to different products; it also provides the corresponding development program to accelerate the integration of fingerprint identification products, or fingerprint identification modules to enable every industry to easily develop fingerprint identification products by themselves.

 Fingerprint Sensor & Module

Durability:Waterproof, antistatic, scratch-proof, and resistant to wear, acid and alkali.
Security:The sensors can only detect living bodies with body temperature.
Full flat packaging:That has a nice feel and beautiful design.

Technology & Humanity

J-Metrics will still hold the idea that the technology should be people-oriented,keep looking for breakthroughs in technology and
scientific research and work in cooperation with the dealers in mainland China or business teams of its joint venture partner to
explore the market so as to develop more smart products for the convenience of people, sketching out a beautiful vision for our life.