Business Philosophy

Improving the Quality of Life


With the aim of improving the quality of life, J-Metrics equips many personal products and even household items with smarter operating modes and higher security level. On this basis, it keeps introducing fingerprint identification products to our daily life, hoping to make a convenient key out of everyone’s unique fingerprint and develop the products exclusive to ourselves. J-Metrics has actually brought fingerprint identification to the lock industry, household appliances, security and the vehicle industry. As for technological products, it brings this technology to laptop, tablet PC and mobile phone, making it safe and easy for users to operate such products which they contact every day.


-Perfecting Integration solution-


To enable every industry to imbed fingerprint identification products into their products rapidly, J-Metrics provides various fingerprint sensors so that they can be applied to different products; it also provides the corresponding development program to accelerate the integration of fingerprint identification products, or fingerprint identification modules to enable every industry to easily develop fingerprint identification products by themselves. J-Metrics has highly trained technical teams in both Taiwan and mainland China, who can give professional advice and strong support on product integration. All these are made possible with the perfect integration solution.


-Self-Management of Employees-


J-Metrics employees demonstrate a strong sense of accountability. They have the discipline to complete assigned tasks on time while maintaining quality and requirements. Besides, the employees also attend specialized courses voluntarily as needed to make up for their shortcomings in work. With their deep sense of responsibility, employees are independent and capable of managing themselves. They also assist their colleagues completing work that is not in their professional field; while learning knowledge of other fields, they also strengthen their internal team spirit and communication channel. J-Metrics also hopes every employee can develop the necessary skills and competencies that would allow them to contribute and help the entire organization grow through a positive cycle.