Management Team

-J-Metrics Organizational Structure-


J-Metrics is made up of 3 companies, with J-Metrics Hong Kong and J-Metrics China in-charge of marketing and business development. Their professional teams promote products to the target customers and assist customers in choosing optimized integration solution with professional knowledge so that they can integrate their own fingerprint identification products within a short time.

J-Metrics Taiwan is responsible for producing fingerprint sensors. Its interdisciplinary technical teams can develop various sensors within a short time. And its quality controllers ensure the yield of each sensor while production coordinators provide assistance in volume production. Besides, the integration team integrates the fingerprint sensors into fingerprint identification modules; in addition to designing the human-machine interface necessary for the modules, they also equip the modules with various operating features; to meet the integration requirements of different customers, they see the ability of miniaturizing modules as a must.


The three companies of J-Metrics are inextricably linked in business operations. By watching the market keenly and looking into customer demand, the front-end marketing and business personnel deliver the most correct information to the back-end development team who will make the prototype of the corresponding product rapidly based on project implementation. Then, the prototype will be brought to the market through the front-end for a market survey. If it meets the customer demand, the real products will be marketed. Having a sound organizational structure enables J-Metrics to secure a firm foothold in the market as a small but specialized company. Moreover, the organization is also correcting and adjusting its structure continuously. Only in this way can it realize sustainable operation.